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M Square Coaching Institute is a well-known institute in the field of coaching for CBSE Board Exams as well as IIT-JEE, NEET Exams, founded on 4th April 1991. Mr. Mahesh Bisht, PG in Mathematics started the institution with just 14 students.

It was the only institute of its time which provided coaching for science subjects i.e. - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics under one roof. The hard work of Mr. Mahesh Bisht became the foundation stone of the coaching institute of the time.

New heights of success were scaled year by year. The coaching institute achieved remarkable land marked of 2 selections in IIT-JEE in the year 2020, 4 selection in NIIT in the year 2005, 5 selection in NIIT in the year 2001 and 3 selection in the MLNR, CPMT in the year 1993.

The meaning of study courses will be considered in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subject through e-learning classes with the help of M-Square Wala app and msquarewala.com website. We’ll sell each topic of each chapter of NCERT books that is Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics via explaining in our own pattern in video format and live video classes. The cost of range of each topic video in each chapter starts from Rs.9 to Rs.99.

M Square coaching institute is a symbol of devote teachers with trust more than 25k students in all mode since1991. The institute is parallel with values, discipline and hard work under the efficient direction of Mr. Mahesh Bisht.

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We provide Basic , conceptual , Fundamental , Logical and Technical study of NCERT Physics ,Chemistry and Mathematics to students form class IX to XII

Selected Students -

Mr. Bhartesh Joshi in IIT -2022

Mr . Rakshit Awasthi in IIT- 2020

Mr. Deepak Kapari in NIIT – 2005

Mr. Amit Joshi in NIIT – 2005

Mr. Ayush Pant in NIIT- 2002

Mr. Devesh Bhaisora in NIIT -2001

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